Hidden Cameras

Every private investigator conducting infidelity surveillance should have a hidden video camera with them and available to use at a moments notice. If your spouse goes inside a bar to meet someone, the private investigator should go inside and get footage of what’s going on in there, too. They should not be sitting inside the car waiting for them to leave! With the cost of hidden cameras being at an all time low, we cannot see why this equipment is not being used and we recommend that you stay away from any private investigator who does not have this type of equipment. One thing that is important to note is the fact that these miniature cameras do have limitations. They usually do not have much zoom capability and they do not work well in low light conditions (i.e. a bar that has very minimal lighting or a dance club that is mostly dark). Our Dallas private investigators had a real hard time this month getting good footage of a woman inside a large dance club because of lighting problems. We actually had to give the DJ a couple of bucks to put a spot light on our girl for 10 minutes while she was dirty dancing with her co-worker.